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While I enthusiastically welcome discussions and debates about FIST, I am disappointed in the way Keller and Wirthlin misrepresented my opinions, my work, and their own contribution to the topic.
Mr Herron cited a case involving Barnet Council last year in which Justice Jackson said "prejudice does not need to be established" in appeals against fines and that "the fact that the document misrepresents the correct legal position should suffice".
"We found that as the likelihood of a successful appeal decreased or the amount of time for the appeals process increased, doctors were increasingly likely to misrepresent the facts" for patients whom they perceived to have life-threatening conditions, Dr.
This research "confirms that a substantial minority of doctors are willing to misrepresent information to insurance companies to get medically necessary care for their patients," according to Dr.
Robert Jordan, the TV station's general manager, says reporters should not misrepresent themselves.
For, while the incentive to misrepresent one's condition or to demand excessive services characterizes the low end of the health care expense spectruM, it does not characterize the high end of the scale-catastrophic illness.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], Dec 2 (ANI): Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday claimed that by dragging his 'googly' comments against the Sikh community was a deliberate attempt to 'misrepresent and mislead' by the Indian government.
Unite community co-ordinator Pilgrim Tucker said: "Benefits Street is the latest in a long line of exploitative television shows that misrepresent communities, in a cynical grab for ratings.
As part of the settlement, the companies can no longer misrepresent the amount of any ingredient contained in their products.
"When the enemy blatantly announces that the current century's main confrontation is between US liberal democracy and Islam, how can anyone question the existence of enemies?" Jazayeri stated.Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has repeatedly warned that enemies have hatched soft plots to misrepresent the realities in Iran, stressing that the move indicates enemies' weakness against the great Iranian nation.
They back up their assertions with "facts" from gun control groups--"facts" that misrepresent the truth or are outright lies.
Mr Salter said Mr Batchelor should not think that because Labour had worked closely with the league on the foxhunting ban it meant he could control elected MPs and misrepresent the party's policy intentions.