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In Halliburton, however, the Supreme Court stated, "[w]hile Basic allows plaintiffs to establish [price impact] indirectly, it does not require courts to ignore a defendant's direct, more salient evidence showing that the alleged misrepresentation did not actually affect the stock's market price and, consequently, that the Basic presumption does not apply."
Despite these limited successes, claims of misrepresentation do not always fair well.
The definition of misrepresentation,'' search protocols, and exclusion criteria may differ significantly across studies.
misrepresentation should have instead been considered as the appropriate
The professor sued for wrongful dismissal in 2001 and the court agreed with the University that the dismissal as justified, given the seriousness of the crimes and the misrepresentation.
If there are misrepresentations on a signed policy application, the insured will have a far more difficult time blaming you for them.
discourage misrepresentations that rescission makes profitable.
The only remaining issue is whether Abruzzino's misrepresentations were material.
Talking to ANI, Tharoor said, "Prime Minister Modi might be a terrific orator but this speech (in Lok Sabha) is a farrago of misrepresentations and half-truths."
At the same time, the Court held that defendants could rebut the presumption if they could provide "direct evidence" that the alleged misrepresentations did not in fact impact the price of the security (i.e., a lack of price impact).
The attorney stated that in the course of investigating the fire loss, evidence showed material misrepresentations had been made in connection with the Douglases' insurance application.