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EXORBITANT PAYMENTS"PSC has misrepresented the facts about the deliberations of Parliament on the issues at hand.
Speaking with (https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/aug/21/miles-teller-i-felt-extremely-misrepresented-war-dogs?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_a-film_b-gdnfilm) The Guardian , Teller said: "Oh, I felt frickin' helpless, I felt extremely misrepresented, I felt a little angry.
They added: "The board feels the media has misrepresented the head coach role to a degree; incorrectly suggesting that they would have no say in transfers.
Remember how Enoch Powell was misrepresented over Rivers of Blood and Norman Tebbit over Get on your Bike.
Adler misrepresented his finances and equity status within the law firm where he worked to a cooperative apartment board.
It states: "It is a disappointment that the home secretary, in her speech to the Policy Exchange on 7th November, grossly misrepresented my position.
Heller misrepresented the company's financial industry positions (contrary to corporate SEC and DOT filings) to the National Mediation Board.
The IPC began an investigation following reports of her recovery to determine whether she had intentionally misrepresented her impairment during her career.
The founder of a British software company Hewlett-Packard bought in 2011 says accusations that his company fraudulently misrepresented itself during the deal are completely without merit, and he plans to vigorously defend the company against U.S.
At a time when there has been a huge uproar over one Madhura Nagendra spoiling the Indian march past at the opening ceremony, Gehlot has misrepresented his details to the LOCOG ( London Organising Committee).
The investors, who claimed BP touted its dedication to safety even as it cut budgets, "have sufficiently pleaded facts to demonstrate that BP misrepresented the size of the spill it was prepared to respond to in the Gulf and misrepresented the company's general spill response capabilities," Ellison wrote.