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The State of New Jersey didn't give its municipal investors a fair shake, withholding and misrepresenting pertinent information about its financial situation.
If they are found to be misrepresenting themselves, we will request evidence from you as proof of who they are claiming to be.
But Reading West MP Martin Salter, a keen angler who advises Sports Minister Richard Caborn on hunting and shooting, accused it of misrepresenting Labour.
Falsely claiming as appropriate a tire's use on sport utility vehicles; and misrepresenting the number of miles or years the tires would be useful; and
The chemicals giant, represented by Cherie Booth QC, was cleared by a High Court judge of misrepresenting the pay and job security that the workers could expect when their jobs were transferred to a different employer.
The Church of Scotland's Church and Nation Committee accused the Cardinal of misrepresenting the "real progress" made by the Parliament.
The incident raises questions about reporters misrepresenting themselves, especially in light of recent court decisions banning media ride-alongs with law enforcement officers and opinion polls saying the press has too much power and sensationalizes stories.
District Court, charging Farrel with interfering with Pomini's customer relations, with misrepresenting the outcome of the arbitration between the parties and with breaching a confidentiality agreement in the International Chamber of Commerce.
Specifically, Lead Plaintiff alleges that Defendants violated the Exchange Act by: (a) engaging in two types of accounting fraud - improper revenue recognition and misreporting general and administrative ("G&A") expenses - to make it appear as though the Company was meeting its earnings guidance when it was not; (b) misrepresenting the state of Company's satellite manufacturing business; (c) separately misrepresenting the status of a particularly lucrative satellite contract with a Chinese company; and (d) misrepresenting the Company's viability as a going concern.
Vicki Lee McGinley, 58, a licensed agent, was arrested by the Kern County Sheriffs Department on seven counts of identity theft and seven counts of insurance fraud after allegedly misrepresenting policy and premium information to clients resulting in losses to her employers and increased premiums for her clients.
What other crimes did he commit aside from misrepresenting himself as someone powerful and aside from the maybe near fatal assault on an agent of authority?
VX), and USD3m on Merrill Lynch, for misrepresenting delinquency data in connection with the issuance of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), and also for failing to supervise disclosures related to the products adequately.