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After lunch, Miss Fairlie and I shoulder our sketch- books, and go out to misrepresent Nature, under your directions.
Even that affable and condescending ornament of society,' pursued Mr Meagles, 'may misrepresent us, we are afraid.
Mr Sampson,' she began, 'I cannot permit you to misrepresent the intentions of a child of mine.
But I was a thousand miles from supposing that she would misunderstand and misrepresent things in so fanciful a way.
networks only depict what misrepresents and distorts the image of Islam.
Mr Herron cited a case involving Barnet Council last year in which Justice Jackson said "prejudice does not need to be established" in appeals against fines and that "the fact that the document misrepresents the correct legal position should suffice".
It is false because it misrepresents two Vatican documents and uses them quite misleadingly in order to connect the horrors of child abuse to the person of the Pope.