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Improved governance in such societies can only come slowly if economic change occurs despite misrule.
One may call it the crude destiny of a population if it continues to suffer the ill-effects of misrule by the parties that they choose alternatively with a mandate to rule the state.
Rashid said that after witnessing misrule in the states,
I wish if our ruling elite has learned from their past misrule and poor governance and they would have done nothing else for the province but focused on these three sector, I mean,the electricity, the railways and the roads, which are considered as a bloodline of any economy, are these in the worst shape in my resources and revenue-rich home province of Sindh.
Historical mystery readers (especially those fond of English settings) take note: Murder by Misrule is a wonderful example of Elizabethan times brought to life with a mystery fueling the setting, and tells of barrister Francis Bacon, who must ferret out clues to a fellow barrister's murder at an inn.
Berman concentrates on the large body of English Freemasons, examining Laurence Dermott and the Ancient Grand Lodge, Ancient Freemasonry and the London Irish, the Ancients' General Register, London's magistracy and the London Irish, the decline of the English Grand Lodge from 1740 to 1751, Masonic misrule, the King's Arms Lodge, and the Anglo-Irish in ascendancy and alienation.
Some people are happy to welcome them because they were fed up with the misrule of the al-Shabab fighters," another resident, Abdullahi Farey Hassan, said.
Cat, Toby, Blaine, and Flora must band together to save London from being taken over by the sinister Master of Misrule and his dark, twisted game.
He said: "There was precious little to commend Chairman Mao's misrule in China, but his policy of sending recalcitrant officials back to the countryside for re-education seems to have something to commend it.
Antiquarians' and scholars' shared desire to discern some remnant of Kalends masquerades in the more organized and ritual misrule of the Feast of Fools seems to have strongly influenced what they saw when they looked at that feast.
This unaccountable cabal of EU commissioners continues to misrule and is nothing short of dictatorship.
Legal scholars have affected academia at many different levels: SCHOOLS FOR MISRULE documents this trend, documenting dubious lawsuits and the effects of legal misrule on all kinds of systems.