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Rashid said that after witnessing misrule in the states,
I remember in 1979 when SNP MPs brought down the Labour Government and led to 18 years of Thatcher misrule.
The Houthis say their rise is a revolution against corruption and misrule.
I told her that Labour would probably win because only they can save the NHS from total annihilation and the country can't afford another five years of Tory misrule.
SIR - The education system presided over by the Assembly is an abysmal shambles being condemned by Estyn and Wales is near the bottom of European nations' educational standards lagging behind Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary - almost all recovering from Communist misrule.
After watching the fun, wit and, quite frankly, genius of the late Rik Mayall in the poignant BBC homage Lord of Misrule, I realised how much we have lost a true legend of not just comedy but of life
Luckily, BBC2 stepped in on Saturday night with its own tribute, Rik Mayall: Lord Of Misrule.
RIK MAYALL: LORD OF MISRULE BBC2, Saturday, Dec 20, 10.
Awakening" the people of Fallujah proved to be pivotal, but sectarian misrule from Iraq's central government in Baghdad had a negative effect on efforts to promote peace and democracy.
He attributed Congress-led UPA's defeat to its sheer misrule and not campaigning enough to tell the people about its good work which got overshadowed by scams under its tenure.
I wish if our ruling elite has learned from their past misrule and poor governance and they would have done nothing else for the province but focused on these three sector, I mean,the electricity, the railways and the roads, which are considered as a bloodline of any economy, are these in the worst shape in my resources and revenue-rich home province of Sindh.
Historical mystery readers (especially those fond of English settings) take note: Murder by Misrule is a wonderful example of Elizabethan times brought to life with a mystery fueling the setting, and tells of barrister Francis Bacon, who must ferret out clues to a fellow barrister's murder at an inn.