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I was misserved of my dinner, when I was at your house.
His glorious self-promotion in these rancid self-exculpatory memoirs has been given the full blessing of the state he so misserved.
Peter Torkildsen, a former member of Congress, said yesterday the comments suggested society somehow misserved the terrorists.
And if they go to a lawyer, they're often misserved, because the lawyer doesn't really have enough expertise in any particular thing to really help them.
Victims' rights advocates argue that the system is unfair to victims; defense attorneys, civil libertarians, and civil rights activists argue that the system is unfair to those accused of crimes; and politicians of every political stripe argue, most frequently around election time, that society is being misserved by the system.
You seldom hear about the smaller incidents and seemingly trivial events renters or owners who were disappointed or misserved due to staff mistakes or negligence.
In an editorial one week after the surrender, the New York Times rejected Kennedy',s explanation of his action as inadequate," saying he "took advantage of his associates and gravely misserved his employers.
The president had been misserved by his team, who had encouraged him to advocate policies too far to the left.