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He said that security personals were high alert to avoid any misshape.
Source said many people were stranded in the rubble who have been tried to be recovered, officials expressed fear of mass casualties because of this misshape.
As result of road misshape Mumtaz received severe injuries.
The people while entering in Mosques for prayers would be checked to avoid any misshape.
The victims were identified as 20-year old Noor Alam, and 22-year old Jawad were killed, while 25- year old Nizam Uddin, 22-year old Maqsood and 23-year old Waqas injured in this misshape. The injuries were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.
Those who killed in misshape were identified as Imran SO Syed Rasool, Kamran SO Sabir, Nizar SO Shahzad and Nisar.
US based Boeing company also offer support into investigation of Friday misshape. A plane carrying 94 bereaved families from Karachi has flown into Islamabad, where remains of their beloved ones will be handed to them.
A labourer was killed in road misshape when a speedy car hit him in the jurisdiction of Hashtangari Police Station.
Jamal Yousaf he informed The Frontier Post that the PMDC were asking from us affidavit that such misshape not happened in future, adding that we can provide them a letter but were not ready for affidavit.
The town administration had directed the owners of all ramshackle houses to demolish their buildings which were affected by October 26 earthquake aimed to avoid any misshape, however when the owners started bulldozing the upper portion of the house.
Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani has ordered probe into the Surainj coalmine misshape.
As per details, the decision has taken after the fire incident of Shah Alam market Lahore, and in this regard fire extinguish equipments would be installed in multi-stories buildings, plazas, restaurants, shopping mall, hotels so that any type of misshape could be avoided.