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Enayatullah Ghafari, head of the public health department in neighbouring Helmand province, said there were some cases of babies being born disabled, or with misshaped limbs, but that the number was far fewer than in other provinces.
However, if these characters are present, but misshaped in any way, they should be corrected with confidence and skill.
Head zoo-keeper Tim Morphew said: "His horns are naturally misshaped and won't cause him any difficulty.
Jane Craddock said: "The harvest started some weeks back so we were able to give quite a few to the church for harvest festival but Richard is still bringing several home a week, usually the slightly misshaped ones.
But the German researchers said in a letter published online Wednesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association that closer scrutiny of his foot bones pointed to sickle cell disease, in which red blood cells become dangerously misshaped.
In the absence of DHA, male mice are basically infertile, producing few if any misshaped sperm that can't get where they need to go," said Manabu Nakamura, a U of I associate professor of food science and human nutrition.
From aligning misshaped teeth to bleaching dark gums, there are various safe options to master a perfect smile.
After e1/47,000 worth of plastic surgery, all three were left with breathing problems and badly misshaped noses.
Misshaped vegetable 1, Dafydd Parry; 2, Sioned Williams; 3, Sioned Williams.
Mixed in will be some disbelieving 'groans' when he's either flaunting his manhood, being sexually compromised or repeatedly whipped with his own trouser belt by a blonde dominatrix with breasts so large and misshaped they look like the moulds for an underground nuclear bunker.
But the artistic concept is anything but misshaped and the joy (or otherwise, as there are very mixed views on how palateable much of the style is) of seeing so many objects of beauty in one place is almost visceral.
Still, I suppose after all those years of misshaped parsnips