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The treatment may take anywhere between six months to two years." Dr Satyajit from Artemis Healthcare says, " Often people who are in their thirties also come for permanent solution for gapped or misshaped teeth, but due to cosmetic reasons they want to avoid wearing braces.
Misshaped vegetable 1, Dafydd Parry; 2, Sioned Williams; 3, Sioned Williams.
But the artistic concept is anything but misshaped and the joy (or otherwise, as there are very mixed views on how palateable much of the style is) of seeing so many objects of beauty in one place is almost visceral.
What that has to do with Dash Shaw's visible misshaped guts is unclear, but these are not rational times.
Group together misshaped pots on the kitchen window sill then scour the shops for ceramics which are leaf and flower shaped - anything which is inspired by nature will fit in perfectly here.
Postmodernity should force us to ask: In what sense have ecumenism and Faith and Order been shaped and misshaped by the assumptions of the modern world?
The Stereohedron tracks in closer to the place that the grooves were worn down and misshaped. The Stereohedron does provide some level of improvement on worn records.
Many galaxies have been gravitationally mangled or misshaped by encounters with their neighbors, but not NGC300--it displays a pristine, symmetrical spiral form similar to M33 in Triangulum.
Waitrose has just pulled exactly this stunt by announcing that it is to sell Class Two fruit and greens - the stuff that's a little misshaped or under-sized.
Dissolving rosy pink spots blend with a phosphoric green paint splattered across the misshaped boots that fitted the uneven feet of a glossy green disfigured torso.
The device, which is compatible with existing ovens, efficiently heats the mobile phase using a technique that eliminates band broadening and misshaped peaks.
Then I took back a bottle of glucosamine sulphate that had a whole lot of misshaped capsules--really disfigured and crazy looking.