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It seemed not so wild a dream -- old as I was, and sombre as I was, and misshapen as I was -- that the simple bliss, which is scattered far and wide, for all mankind to gather up, might yet be mine.
There are few of us who have not sometimes wakened before dawn, either after one of those dreamless nights that make us almost enamoured of death, or one of those nights of horror and misshapen joy, when through the chambers of the brain sweep phantoms more terrible than reality itself, and instinct with that vivid life that lurks in all grotesques, and that lends to Gothic art its enduring vitality, this art being, one might fancy, especially the art of those whose minds have been troubled with the malady of reverie.
On his return he would sit in front of the her times, with that pride of individualism that is half the fascination of sin, and smiling with secret pleasure at the misshapen shadow that had to bear the burden that should have been his own.
At the same moment a gust of wind sucking through the broken panes drew open the door, and as Number Thirteen, warned by the sound of breaking glass, sprang into the living room he was confronted by the entire horde of misshapen beings.
Listen," said he to Gringoire, fondling his misshapen chin with his horny hand; "I don't see why you should not be hung.
Tired of keeping the extremities of his long person so near together, the singer gradually suffered the lower limbs to extend themselves, until one of his misshapen feet actually came in contact with and shoved aside the embers of the fire.
Her forehead appears unusually smooth from repeated Botox injections and her lips are misshapen from collagen injections.
At the opposite end of the cavernous space, a chubbily misshapen and slightly sinister-looking businessman, made of the same material, was sitting on a swing like some pendulous Tweedledee.
Initially, the virus renders fruit too spotted or misshapen to sell.
As the unnaturally bright, harsh colors trickle down, hair and clothing dissolve into abstractions, features become grotesquely misshapen and smeared.