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A nice story to go back to the coast--a dozen of you and one missionary, without weapons, weak as a woman, overcoming all of you.
Come to me, missionary man, and overcome me," the Buli challenged.
And to every point he made the same reply, at the same time watching the missionary closely in order to forestall that cunning run-in under the lifted club.
His dream was to be a missionary in China, and thus he traveled from Rome to China first via Portugal, doing extensive missionary work in Asia.
Eager to obtain Western goods, the rulers politely pushed the missionary wives to supply them with those items, and they kept the wives busily engaged in the production of such things as American-style dresses.
He focuses mainly on the first two decades of the Christian Missionary Society mission in the Bay of Islands, founded by Samuel Marsden in 1814.
Some Blacks were members of Baptist churches because of missionary endeavors on plantations.
An important reason for such missionary attrition is the overall decline of churches in Korea, which represents a waning support base.
In recent research, the shift from missionary encounters in the global South to a reversed mission by Africans to countries of the northern hemisphere has received increasing attention, particularly for the intercultural dimension of missionary practice.
In incorporating both aspects of missionary culture, there are five components that impact the identity of the missionaries.
Missionaries are a unique population because individuals, couples, and families devoted to a missionary cause for religious and/ or spiritual reasons are often commissioned to live in international contexts where they may be faced with a myriad of interactive and dynamic stressors.
Yad L'Achim activists also worked to collect that missionary material from the passersby.

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