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After reading this missive could there be a question of the demands of Prebaudet?
A gray ball, the color of the twilight, might escape observation, where a white missive fluttering down from an upper window would surely be seen by someone.
He doesn't say much, to be sure, but his very silence implies more than all the others' words, and the less he says, the more he thinks - and this is Hargrave's missive.
This missive, with the help of the boy who sat at the desk next him, also a new arrival, he managed to fold successfully; but this done, they were sadly put to it for means of sealing.
But when he put the first of the notes into the leaves of the song she was singing, the little governess, rising and looking him steadily in the face, took up the triangular missive daintily, and waved it about as if it were a cocked hat, and she, advancing to the enemy, popped the note into the fire, and made him a very low curtsey, and went back to her place, and began to sing away again more merrily than ever.
This missive she handed with an air as if it had not the least connexion with the bill, but were something in the nature of a delicate and joyful surprise.
Of course this official missive was from the superior direction of the police.
Unfortunately, no, as you had not concluded missives.
Neither Bloomberg nor Obama came in contact with the missives.
Ian Ferguson, of solicitors and estate agents Mitchells Roberton, said: "The couple's argument was that it was a condition there had to be completed missives by that date and there wasn't, therefore the contract fell.
I have tried linking to the Medicare Web sites mentioned in your article, but I can only find a lot of bureaucratic 70-page missives and no discussion of how to indicate the use of e-prescribing.
Instead, last night, our First and Deputy First Ministers exchanged missives about parliamentary procedure.