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Further, the company argues it is entitled to retain all documents and electronically stored information to defend itself against the state's lawsuit over allegedly misspent money.
MIMA EVENT: Jenni Pascoe, left, and Misspent Uke, below, on World Book Night Pictures by IAN COOPER THE READING GAME: Ryan Slater talks to Rebecca O''Rourke, above centre, and Pat Whaley about the book he has just been given and the pair, left, outside the Valley Road former home of Brian Clough, inset
And, in an attempt to speed up recovery of misspent payments - which typically occurs every year - member states should "add interest onto late payments," the paper proposes.
In total, 19 EU countries must pay back about 580 million euros in misspent funds, the Commission added.
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Community College District will appoint an inspector general after reports that it misspent some of the $5.
Starsuckers, to be shown on More 4 on Tuesday, includes the claim money raised from the Live Aid concerts to tackle famine was misspent leading to deaths.
There's nothing wrong with a misspent youth, as long as it's misspent behind closed doors.
AI've always been quite artistic, my misspent youth was often misspent sat in the back of classrooms doodling and scribbling cartoons.
Two cinemas from my misspent youth, along with the Odeon Perry Barr and the Birchfield cinema.
How words, language and thoughts intermingle, their relationship with 'silence and society' is the focus of this remarkable little volume that continues definitions, word usage examples, and such miscellanea as imprecations and misspent words.
The story revealed that a Pine Bluff nonprofit misspent more than $500,000 in federal money intended for low-income housing.
Extrapolated out, that suggests that a lot of money is being misspent.