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However, based on prior research related to judgment and decision-making theory, we expected auditors would not revise plans unless management had an explicit incentive to misstate financial results.
* IF ONE SPOUSE INTENTIONALLY misstates income or deductions and understates a couple's joint tax liability, the other spouse may be jointly and severally liable for any resulting taxes, interest and penalties.
Clinton's latest "Pants on Fire" misstatement, one of seven, misstates Trump's position on bailing out the ( auto industry.
If the taxpayer fails to implement the change, but does not comply with all of the procedure's applicable provisions or misstates or omits material facts, the taxpayer would not receive audit protection.
Luxon's Platonic account of Calvinist ontology, on which he bases his arguments, misstates reformed theology by ignoring related Christian doctrines that comprise what reformers might have called "the whole counsel of God" - doctrines (like sanctification) that invest history with meaning and so complicate bipolarity.
A recent Dun and Brad-street report on Excelsior Envelope, and examined by REW, shows some arrearages and judgments but misstates that Excelsior owns the building.