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The fact that K did not know that the amount of the retirement distribution was misstated on the return is of no import.
As a result of the misclassification of these receivables, WJB misstated its FOCUS report and net capital calculations by at least $1 million on a monthly basis for approximately two years.
Triple Canopy stands alone in the industry in the quality of its hiring and training practices, and we are seriously concerned that reports from Honduras this week have misstated our standards for recruiting employees for the services we provide in Iraq," said Joe Mayo, Director, Public Affairs.
The venue was misstated in the item on the Williamsburg neighborhood in the "25 to Watch" feature on page 67 in January's issue.
Figures used for the IPO, it turned out, had been significantly misstated and profits were well below what the company had reported.
The Real Estate column last Sunday misstated the value of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage's deal for Fred Sands Realtors on Dec.
The result only sounds like a coverup if it is deliberately misstated.
Reissuing to correct total deposits and net loans in third graf, which were misstated in original release.
In the November Highlights, the JofA misstated some facts related to SAS no.
As a result of this fundamental flaw in its methodology, CASA's conclusions seriously misstated the facts by a factor of nearly 50%," Coleman added.
An article on Capezio Dance Award winner David White in April's Dance Magazine misstated the names of the trustees of the Capezio/Ballet Makers Dance Foundation.