misstatement of fact

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John Q,'' a New Line Cinema film released today, is ``a misstatement of fact,'' said Dr.
We are shocked at the Commission's level of blatant misstatement of fact and law in the pursuit of its single-minded goal -- the privatization of Social Security and the introduction of market risk into a social insurance system.
8, Other Information in Documents Containing Audited Financial Statements, cautions the auditor to discuss the information with the client if he or she becomes aware that such information conflicts with his or her knowledge of such matters, or if a material misstatement of fact exists, the auditor should consider notifying the client in writing of his or her views concerning the information and consulting legal counsel.
Don't apologize for a lack of discussion on a tangential point, a logistical snafu, or a misstatement of fact or law.
In another odd twist, broker Reagan incorrectly claimed from time to time during his negotiations that he represented the Forest Service, according to that agency's official chronology of events--an obvious conflict of interest, let alone a misstatement of fact.
The Company will bring this misstatement of fact to the attention of Barron's and request that the misstatement be corrected.
So once this thing moves to Congress, will they decide that a misstatement of fact about sex is an impeachable offense?
April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- LIDAK Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: LDAKA) addressed a significant misstatement of fact contained in an article authored by a third party.
If the auditor discovers a material misstatement of fact, he should ask management to revise its report.
In NY004, New World Power Corporation Acquires Argentinean Firm, moved earlier today, we are advised by the corporation that the second graph contained a misstatement of fact, indicating that the company's Argentinean joint venture, New World/Solartec, had been awarded a rural electrification bid.
Any attempt to give it a sectarian colour would be a misstatement of facts.
In the new law, the period during which an insurance company can repudiate policy on any ground, including misstatement of facts, will be confined to three years from the commencement of the policy and no policy would be called in question on any ground after three years.