misstatement of fact

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Under Burlington Truck Lines, "[i]f court cannot accept appellate counsel's post hoc rationalizations for agency action, it certainly cannot accept counsel's admitted misstatement of fact which is contradicted by a finding of the board which is supported by the record."
As provided specifically under AS 2710.05 and .06, if any suspected material misrepresentation [such as in the SOX section 404(a) report] is identified and not corrected after discussing it informally with management and, if necessary, proposing that management consult with "some other party whose advice might be useful to the client," the auditor should "communicate the material misstatement of fact to the client and the audit committee, in writing, and consider consulting his legal counsel as to further appropriate action in the circumstances" (emphasis added).
Rosenfeld's review contains at least one misstatement of fact. Rosenfeld begins his final paragraph, "It would take a mighty hagiographer to place John Adams on a pedestal, and indeed for two hundred years no one has been equal to the task." In the late 1960s, Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone wrote a successful Broadway musical called 1776, set in the congress in Philadelphia.
8, Other Information in Documents Containing Audited Financial Statements, cautions the auditor to discuss the information with the client if he or she becomes aware that such information conflicts with his or her knowledge of such matters, or if a material misstatement of fact exists, the auditor should consider notifying the client in writing of his or her views concerning the information and consulting legal counsel.
Don't apologize for a lack of discussion on a tangential point, a logistical snafu, or a misstatement of fact or law.
Edel calls the contrary view "fraudulent" and a "misstatement of fact," while Spitzer dubs its proponents "constitutional contortionists." The idea that the Constitution protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, Spitzer assures us, is "without historical, constitutional, or legal foundation."
In another odd twist, broker Reagan incorrectly claimed from time to time during his negotiations that he represented the Forest Service, according to that agency's official chronology of events--an obvious conflict of interest, let alone a misstatement of fact.
It would require auditors to evaluate, after performing certain required procedures, whether this other information contains a material inconsistency, a material misstatement of fact, or both.
There must be some room for misstatement of fact as well as misjudgement," it further said.
8 specifically addresses management reports on internal accounting control, requiring the auditor "to read the report by management and consider whether it is materially inconsistent with information appearing in the financial statements." If the auditor discovers a material misstatement of fact, he should ask management to revise its report.
They can create hate and discontent with misleading statements, incomplete quotes, misstatement of facts and the one-sided version of events which supports their headline and move on.
The Pakpattan district police officer was also transferred owing to misstatement of facts to senior officials, the official claimed.