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As a result, discovering even a small misstep can generate a cataclysmic lawyer response.
Supporters of Brown were quick to play down his verbal misstep.
That misstep can break the internal wiring in the connector.
Despite the occasional misstep into airy, snooze-inducing territory, as on "I'll Be Home for Christmas," she's remarkably adept at making typical holiday fare sound fresh.
MIAMI, FL -- In the vibrant and ever-changing world of hip-hop culture, Terry Kennedy made a rare misstep when he gave super-producer Pharell Williams a disastrous handshake.
The elegant and accurate Rothschild has made a rare misstep.
The one misstep was a series of small canvases titled "The Ballad of Easy Rider," inspired by the closing scenes of the titular film in which Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda's bikers meet a fiery end.
It's a subtle misstep that has to do with the way you formatted the cells that contain the hours.
The year 2002 was very challenging for small businesses, as a sluggish economy, combined with rising costs for healthcare, taxes, and regulatory fees, created an environment where one misstep could spell disaster for an enterprise.
This process has made great strides forward but the above document is a first and serious misstep, caused I believe, by those who have begun to question the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture.
The author's desire for unity among blacks leads to her one misstep.
Tracing the slow, inevitable descent of a hapless and largely innocent WWI veteran-turned-hobo, the film casts Paul Muni as a man whose single misstep ensnares him in a sadistic "corrections" system with an insatiable appetite for its pound of flesh.