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Even as Uber has seen unprecedented growth by expanding to dozens of countries, it has been hurt by missteps including allegations of executive misconduct, a toxic work atmosphere and potentially unethical competitive practices.
Were coming at this from the other side not by looking at the best that the industry has been able to accomplish, but scrutinizing some of the missteps and seeing what we can learn from those mistakes.
Admittedly si Senator Poe is new to the game, there will be missteps, for as long as these missteps are not fatal then we should allow her that space, Trillanes said in a separate interview.
When you let lawyers discover missteps on their own, you erode your credibility.
This is often a task that eludes parents due to their emotional involvement with their children's future, which sometimes lead to many missteps before course correction kicks in.
missteps and pratfalls visit me, friends and acquaintances mimic
While older mice initially experienced more missteps when attempting to navigate a balance beam, fewer missteps occurred after 4 weeks of resveratrol treatment, resulting in performance similar to that of younger animals.
We've had some missteps, but at the end of the day, the choice is really clear and we're giving people a very clear choice," The Telegraph quoted Ryan, as saying.
is cutting 27,000 jobs in an effort to recover from management missteps that hobbled the Silicon Valley pioneer as its rivals raced ahead with more innovative products and services.
There are many missteps that can derail any investigation.
Lest this be seen as a thorough vindication of the CIA's actions at the time, Gustafson does find many missteps on the part of the Agency, much of which he blames on the failure to subject the CIA to congressional oversight, thus allowing an overweening executive to make missteps not in the interests of the United States.
The author recounts the many advances and missteps that the innovative programmers made as they tried to reconcile human behavior with a computer's operation.