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The duplicity in Muniz's latest exhibition, however, was thoroughgoing, with objects easily mistakable for original works, or at least for the flip sides of those works: The artist meticulously re-created, in one-to-one scale, the versos of nine iconic canvases by the likes of Matisse and Leger.
One image shows the river from below a freeway overpass -- not what you would think of first for a beauty shot -- but the structure of the overpass combined with the light and reflections makes the image almost mistakable for the inside of a cathedral.
dress," one of Beresford's most clearly appropriated passages, is easily mistakable for Tarchetti's description of Fosca's uncommon characteristics--her unusually "jet black .
The Luxor was not built 10 years ago, but the beacon of what seemed like dozens of USAF crash and rescue vehicles that marked runaway 21L was no less mistakable.