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"I don't want the viewer to believe in my images," he has said before, avowing an aspiration to produce "the worst possible illusion." The duplicity in Muniz's latest exhibition, however, was thoroughgoing, with objects easily mistakable for original works, or at least for the flip sides of those works: The artist meticulously re-created, in one-to-one scale, the versos of nine iconic canvases by the likes of Matisse and Leger.
dress," one of Beresford's most clearly appropriated passages, is easily mistakable for Tarchetti's description of Fosca's uncommon characteristics--her unusually "jet black ...
The Luxor was not built 10 years ago, but the beacon of what seemed like dozens of USAF crash and rescue vehicles that marked runaway 21L was no less mistakable.
(18) What matters most for us in Plutarch's account is its evidence that the allusions by Virgil, and lat er by Dorat, to the Cretan labyrinth are not merely decorative; they correspond to a complex but mistakable historical connection.
From another room his voice would be easily mistakable for a small animal's--that of a puppy or kitten, perhaps squeezed unexpectedly.