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If mistake is a flawed perception of reality, what is "reality" for purposes of determining whether a mistaken party misperceived it?
The First Minister was ushered into the Doctor Who make-up room after being mistaken for an actor appearing in theshow as a sidekick of one the Doctor's new enemies - the tree-like villain Jabe.
Among the bizarre examples of mistaken identity in calls received this year are a conker mistaken for a baby hedgehog, a carrier bag flapping in a tree mistaken for an exotic animal, and a patio chair mistaken for an injured swan.
How can I avoid the pitfalls of self-deception or mistaken judgment and error?
DeAngelo immediately advised Kraft of the mistaken improvement to his property.
CANYON COUNTRY - In an apparent case of mistaken SUV identity, a woman drove away from a carwash in a white Toyota Highlander, leaving behind her own white Isuzu Trooper - and a wallet filled with credit cards, a bank statement and other papers.
Stock market watchers are beginning to describe mistaken Stock Exchange announcements like buses - they don't come along often but when they do they come in pairs.
But with mistaken photos taken from a helicopter, police had the wrong house and should have been at one down the street.
At the most he was negligent or mistaken in how he handled this.
Evidently, according to Mission Control, a vital cable providing data about the station's rotation to the Mir computer was mistaken for another in the web of cables and disconnected.