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If mistake is a flawed perception of reality, what is "reality" for purposes of determining whether a mistaken party misperceived it?
The First Minister was ushered into the Doctor Who make-up room after being mistaken for an actor appearing in theshow as a sidekick of one the Doctor's new enemies - the tree-like villain Jabe.
Among the bizarre examples of mistaken identity in calls received this year are a conker mistaken for a baby hedgehog, a carrier bag flapping in a tree mistaken for an exotic animal, and a patio chair mistaken for an injured swan.
How can I avoid the pitfalls of self-deception or mistaken judgment and error?
DeAngelo immediately advised Kraft of the mistaken improvement to his property.
Stock market watchers are beginning to describe mistaken Stock Exchange announcements like buses - they don't come along often but when they do they come in pairs.