mistaken belief

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The sign there reads 'Silver Top Terrace' - presumably in the mistaken belief that the name refers to nearby dairy farms, and therefore with no respect for local history.
STRIPES (Film4, Thursday, 9pm) BILL Murray and Harold Ramis star as two misfits who enrol in the US Army in the mistaken belief that they'll be in for an easy life.
The outrageous decision by these useless council employees to allow the extension of the house in The Hurst proves that these people that work in the department simply opt for an easy life with little regard for the citizens who pay their salaries in the mistaken belief that they will be protected from the effect of indiscriminate building work which I have to say is most likely to be carried out by people that were allowed in from other countries to supposedly live in peace and harmony amongst us.
SCIENCE is losing out because of the mistaken belief that "men are from Mars and women from Venus", a leading neuroscientist has claimed.
The mistaken belief that individual economies can safeguard themselves from the negative effects continues to prevail.
Public demands that President Karzai sign the agreement by the end of the year, or the recent suggestion that we could settle for less than an Afghan president approving the agreement, contribute to President Karzai's mistaken belief that the United States needs Afghanistan more than Afghanistan needs the United States," Levin said in his letter to Obama, a copy of which was released to the press.
Those who still cling to the mistaken belief that the EU is good for Britain should consider the following, apparently to be seen on the wall of the EU parliament's visitors centre: "National Sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time.
For the nth time, medical experts are warning us about the dangers of routinely popping vitamin pills in the mistaken belief that they are empowering us to better health.
According to Jesse Slome, executive director of the Association, a national trade group, consumers have the mistaken belief that Obamacare changes taking effect in 2014 will do everything from mandate insurers accept all new long-term care insurance applicants to the mistaken belief that Medicare will now pay for all costs related to long-term care.
Sean Price criticised the investigation and said he was the victim of a mistaken belief that he was trying to obstruct inquiries.
A MISTAKEN belief over a "stolen" jacket led to a street confrontation after a night out drinking.
There are fears in US media that the American national may have been kidnapped in the mistaken belief that he was working for the US government.