mistaken belief

See: error
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India's mistaken belief and irresponsible rhetoric are fraught with unforeseen dangers in an already volatile strategic environment," said the FO in its weekly briefing.
He clarified that Pakistan is not desirous of escalation and has reacted with restraint but Indian mistaken belief and irresponsible rhetoric is fraught with unforeseen danger.
The gang broke into Abbas Hedayati's home, bound and gagged him and held a gun to his head in the mistaken belief he had money stashed away.
"There's a widespread but mistaken belief that dairy products can be bad for you, but that's a misconception," said researcher Ian Givens, a nutrition professor at Reading University.
However, for some mistaken belief that the Unionist parties will one day treat us the same as the Scots, we are the poor cousins.
A BIKER was seriously injured in a crash after speeding away from police in the mistaken belief they were after him.
The 'problem' is caused by idiotic governments choosing to subsidise expensive solar and wind power because of a mistaken belief that they can make a big reduction in carbon dioxide.
The sign there reads 'Silver Top Terrace' - presumably in the mistaken belief that the name refers to nearby dairy farms, and therefore with no respect for local history.
STRIPES (Film4, Thursday, 9pm) BILL Murray and Harold Ramis star as two misfits who enrol in the US Army in the mistaken belief that they'll be in for an easy life.
The only reason for us to value time with us is a mistaken belief that time translates into advertising potential.
"The mistaken belief that individual economies can safeguard themselves from the negative effects continues to prevail." Slovenia has been on the verge of seeking a bailout from the European Union.
"Public demands that President Karzai sign the agreement by the end of the year, or the recent suggestion that we could settle for less than an Afghan president approving the agreement, contribute to President Karzai's mistaken belief that the United States needs Afghanistan more than Afghanistan needs the United States," Levin said in his letter to Obama, a copy of which was released to the press.