mistaken judgment

See: error
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If you should be contemplating anything ridiculous from a mistaken judgment of his character, it is better that you should know the truth.
There was an obvious advantage in this conspiracy of mistaken judgment taking him for what he was not.
We submit that their testimony is proof of the highest significance, bearing upon whether the conduct of Haskins & Sells and of Andrew Stewart in the case under discussion was unethical or improper professional conduct We submit that at the very most the case is one of mistaken judgment, if the Commission should be of the view that everything we have said on these other points is not sound.
The MP said that "whether motivated by cost-cutting, or simply the result of a cataclysmically mistaken judgment, the decision was taken to blast too close to the water and four men died as a consequence".
Flowering is a collection of stories built around the themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment and stumbling redemption.
With the benefit of hindsight, making public that the JIC had authorship of the dossier was in our view a mistaken judgment.
The fact that we don't have a challenger to Gore who is challenging him on NAFTA and GATT and all of these economic issues is a tragedy and a very mistaken judgment on the part of progressives," adds Borosage, who is co-director of the progressive Washington-based think tank Campaign for America's Future.
it is because what is desired, desirable1, may involve a mistaken judgment .
How can I avoid the pitfalls of self-deception or mistaken judgment and error?
The tragic hero, consequently, should be a man better than ourselves, but not perfect; and he should suffer from a flaw which shows itself in some mistaken judgment or act resulting in his downfall.
He said: 'I think the tactical judgment was that that was an issue which did not have much appeal to urban voters and I think that was probably a mistaken judgment.