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Breathtaking Loch Linnhe stretches mistily away to meet the Atlantic Ocean along one of the most dramatic coastlines in the UK.
MARTIN Kemp, last seen talking mistily about Hollywood, is now on telly announcing: 'I'm delighted to be the new face of ScS Sofas.
On such an afternoon, some score of members of the High Court of Chancery bar ought to be -- as here they are -- mistily engaged in one of the ten thousand stages of an endless cause, tripping one another up on slippery precedents, groping knee-deep on technicalities, running their goat-hair and horse-hair warded heads against walls of words, and making a pretence of equity with serious faces, as players might .
Events too terrible to be articulated precisely are mistily alluded to by the euphemism of "there," which the child seizes on as a literal if magical area.
During the day, the floor planes of the original building are to be seen mistily behind the hovering planes of cool fog.
Now thirty years later, with a variety of casts, with dancers who never even knew Ashton, it emerges with just the right mistily suggestive clarity of an autumnal day.
For hundreds of employees and their wives, the organization was an extended family; years after their retirement they would congregate at annual reunions, at which they drank and mistily exchanged memories.
Seeing the young girl with the adult Miss Morton, Roger dreams of marriage and gives the child a significant role in his fantasy: "There glimmered mistily in the young man's brain a vision of a home-scene in the future, - a lamp-lit parlour on a winter night, a placid wife and mother wreathed in household smiles, a golden-haired child, and in the midst, his sentient self, drunk with possession and gratitude" (27).