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In standard regression analyses, mistimed pregnancies were less likely than wanted pregnancies to result in neonatal mortality (odds ratio, 0.
It was a mistimed tackle from Martin Taylor and caused terrible damage to Eduardo - but that tackle could have caused Zigic a lot of damage.
Moreover, we look at unintended childbearing as well as two of its most significant components--unwanted births and seriously mistimed births.
There were 433 women (64 percent) with intended pregnancy, 207 (30 percent) with a mistimed pregnancy and 40 (6 percent) with an unwanted pregnancy.
The Young Blues had left-back Ibou Touray dismissed for a mistimed tackle in the second half, but kept going to reduce their deficit to a solitary goal before they were undone by a late counter-attack to ultimately lose 4-2.
In the end, I probably mistimed my early Saturday evening inspection as trade was so quiet.
He also hinted he could now retire, adding: "I badly mistimed a tackle.
For two years we've had to put up with the Eduardo stuff, but Martin Taylor is not a dirty player - it was just a mistimed tackle.
I don't think that any professional, and I would certainly hope not, goes to purposely hurt another player but it was mistimed.
If Danny Murphy had mistimed the header with which he secured Fulham's survival on the final day of last season,
Women whose pregnancies had been mistimed had elevated odds of not having consumed folic acid regularly before conception (2.
It is almost 12 months since Taylor mistimed his challenge on the Brazil-born forward in the third minute of Blues' Barclays Premier League clash with the Gunners at St Andrew's.