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It was a foul and was a mistimed challenge but was it a yellow card?
I know I'm going to get booked sometimes and there are a lot of other players like me who pick up bookings on a weekly basis for mistimed tackles, but no-one gives credit for all the other successful tackles that are made.
Birmingham manager Alex McLeish maintained Zigic was lucky to have escaped serious injury and feels this incident shows just how easy it is for mistimed challenges to end in disaster.
Thus, Pulley and colleagues proposed distinguishing seriously mistimed births--those that are mistimed by at least two years--from births that are only moderately mistimed.
Collingwood seemed to have finally found form after a poor run when he mistimed a heave to long-on against off-spinner Harbhajan Singh to be well caught by Zaheer.
Five studies look at more general topics such as the demographic situation, and mistimed and unwanted childbearing during the course of fertility transition.
One of every five mistimed pregnancies and one of every six unwanted pregnancies followed discontinuations that were for reasons other than to become pregnant (e.
A mistimed, clumsy tackle, which occurs regularly in football, had a tragic, unlucky outcome.
Yardy was leg-before sweeping at Murali, cutting short an encouraging 92-ball innings, but Adams got himself out with a mistimed drive at Tom Smith.
Best approaches include population-based interventions to promote healthy behaviors and reduce mistimed pregnancies; nutritional interventions to address undernutrition or micronutrient deficiencies in women of reproductive age; and a continuum of care for mother and baby, including birth preparedness, involvement of the father, adequate primary-level care, access to emergency obstetric and hospital care, and delivery and postpartum care.
Wolves, having gone ahead in only the 14th minute with a tremendous solo goal by Jay Bothroyd - his second of the week - fell away alarmingly in the last third of the game and midfielder Simon Whaley crashed home number three in injury time when Jody Craddock mistimed a header.