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Danesi (2002) says that grey colour symbolizes dullness, mistiness, obscurity, nebulousness etc.
humanity is on display: the drunkenness of a father, the mistiness of a
The inherent mistiness of Irish mythology coalesces long enough to determine that the ultimate invaders of Ireland, the Milesians, were probably of Gaelic origin.
In the air and in the garden, the movement from the heat and growth of summer changes, often abruptly, to the cool mistiness of autumn.
with the Clouds, whose ethereality and mistiness perfectly symbolize the Philosopher's own vaporous thoughts (3)--is reported to have stood up in his place in the audience in order to be recognized.
It usually sets in during the early afternoon, chasing away any lingering low cloud or mistiness.
Although Drifters lacked a political or historical theme, its director borrowed a number of Eisenstein's new film techniques: the hammering pistons as counterpoint to the human activity on deck; the montage sequences; the close-up shots of those expressive hand movements; the mistiness of sea and sky which suffuses everything.
After six weeks I received results of a new CT scan: there was less mistiness in my lungs, my oxygen saturation level was up and I no longer needed air from a tank.
Its pitiless lighting and intercut close-ups combine to produce an effect that is on one level harshly "realistic"--this in direct and calculated contrast to the romantic or pastoral mistiness of Hoch's Technicolor photography in the outdoor Irish scenes--and on another surreal or hallucinatory in the manner of those Bosch or Grunewald paintings where leering faces seem to jump out at the viewer from an unnaturally flattened perspective.