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The first of them is slightly mistitled, since it is much more than an 'Introduction' to what follows.
The book is somewhat mistitled, as there is far more to this volume than merely a collection of what-might-have-been experimental prototypes and proposals.
This book, although somewhat mistitled, is one such volume, and significantly adds useful insights to this field of study.
The curving fingers indicate instead, they argue, self-pleasuring activity, like those of the Sleeping Venus of Giorgione, Titian's mentor, the first reclining nude since antiquity, considered one of the starting points of modern art; although, unless the painting is mistitled, she would have to be masturbating in her sleep.
For example, Donna Haraway's Primate Visions is mistitled and misspelled Primative Visions in the introduction Endnotes--two very different titles.
The revered Medal of Honor, normally, but not always, awarded for service in combat is often mistitled "Congressional," but isn't.
Golden's Central Asia in World History might be mistitled.
Nor should we be seduced by the bizarrely mistitled English Baccalaureate introduced recently over the border.
Lewis's somewhat mistitled essay, "Bud Selig's Use of 'Smart Power,'" draws on Joseph Nye's concepts of hard, soft, and smart power.
As I listened to songs I had purchased for my iPod, I was suddenly captivated and uplifted by Bruce Springsteen's strong rendering of Bob Dylan's 1964 classic song "Chimes of Freedom" -- recalling the condition, needs and hopes of the poor and outcast, reluctant soldiers, refugees cast out into the night, the luckless, abandoned and forsaken, the "mistreated mateless mother, mistitled prostitute," the searching ones, the harmless gentle souls misplaced inside a jail, the aching whose wounds cannot be nursed, and the countless confused, accused, misused, abused and string-out ones and worse, as Dylan called those whose rights he championed.
Mistitled in the sense that come summer this will be sung by thousands at festivals such is its instantly anthemic, singalong status.
Jeremy Bernstein has written a very interesting, albeit somewhat mistitled, book that offers a lively and anecdotal history of the evolution of nuclear weapons, but hardly all of "what you need to know.