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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced Wednesday it would correct the mistranslated menus causing confusion to foreign tourists together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the National Institute of Korean Language, the Korean Food Foundation, and the KTO.
The RSV, which translated almah correctly in 1952, mistranslated the adjective harah ("pregnant") as "shall conceive" and, moreover, failed to translate the definite article and used the indefinite article instead: "Behold, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, .
The Arabic term, often mistranslated as "holy war" or narrowly defined as religiously justified warfare, is at its root actually a synonym for "struggle" or "striving.
A single word mispronounced or mistranslated can become something highly offensive to your audience.
Last night, a spokesman for Network Rail said that the firm had launched an investigation into whether the signs had been mistranslated.
The report also quoted its sources as saying that the controversial homily by Michele Russo -- an Italian citizen and bishop of Chad s oil-rich southern region of Doba -- had been mistranslated from French by a local radio station.
He recorded line-like markings, which he called canali, meaning channels, but the term was mistranslated into English as canals.
Salman's call coincided with the speech delivered by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi at the Non-Aligned Summit in Tehran, where the Iranian media deliberately mistranslated the speech, replacing Syria with Bahrain in what is yet another media scandal for the Iranian regime.
Syria, whose government was described as "oppressive" by Morsi, was mistranslated twice into Farsi as Bahrain, said Al Amer, adding that it is the latest example of Iranian media's intervention in Bahrain's internal affairs.
In passages that shed new light on some of todays most passionate disputes, the authors reveal how the Bible is frequently misunderstood, misquoted, mistranslated, and misused.
When Bede's history was translated into English the simple Latin name was mistranslated not as Goatshead, as it should have been, but as Gateshead.
Now I've heard of being misquoted and mistranslated in the written Press, but never when there is video evidence to contrary.