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Another new trend is mistranslated warning labels on products made by foreign companies - like our Finalist warning label on a cell phone battery charger that says 'Get rid of children'.
Among some of the other artists on this year's shortlist are Iwan Bala, who's constructed a list of some place names in Wales that have been mistranslated into English; Gareth Griffith, whose painting is based on a photograph of a tent which he used to go camping in while living in Jamaica in the early 1970s; Becky Adams who combines stitched paper, vintage fabrics, diary extracts and antique ephemera and video artist Gemma Copp, who won the new media prize in 2010.
Last week, oil markets stuttered when a Majlis deputy's remarks about the exercise were mistranslated to have him saying the exercise would actually close the strait.
But Joorabchian now claims Marques mistranslated the questions and the answers.
Rudd said Mussa might have been misquoted or mistranslated.
Olsson was linked with a move away from the club during the summer, but was misquoted by a media organisation who mistranslated his quotes in the Swedish press.
Here's an instance of both the mistranslated and the misheard.
The principle in 4-11 of acting for one's "profit" or "advantage" (pros to sympheron), commonly mistranslated as "for the common good," fits the Stoic notion of the unity of humans as the basis of social behavior; people act for their own well-being in the human commonality.
Actually, arch-villain Diego Maradona insists he didn't apologise, and his comments were mistranslated by The Sun.
Unfortunately, to assume the authorised version, and here we are talking about the Book of Genesis, to be accurate, is unsafe since it is already mistranslated in the Hebrew, probably because it is untranslatable.
Semitic language specialists claim the relevant passage in the Koran was mistranslated from the original text.
It may also be noted that Habib Arkin, 1966, 54, in his effort to find the Jewish precedents for fray Luis' translation of hirhib as "to make haughty" failed to notice, yet again, the insertion of Biblical quotes in the Ibn Ezra text and, hence, mistranslated [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] above as "como (me quitaron) la piedra angular de la soberbia" (like they removed from me the cornerstone of pride).