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Goldblatt's translation of the novel is imbued with distinctions in ideology and poetics between Chinese culture and US-American culture and in The Garlic Ballads Goldblatt employed "rewriting" and adopted conversion, omission, and mistranslation to degrees to assist English-language readers to appreciate contemporary Chinese literature and culture.
The literary technique of mistranslation creates dissonance within the narrative by dispelling the notion of equivalency in translation.
The Al-Arabiyya account and mistranslation has been picked up by numerous other Arabic news outlets.
He can speak excellent English, but he gets some of his words mixed up and I think it was a mistranslation which won't happen again.
For instance, did you know that references to cucumber in the Bible (Numbers 11:5) are a mistranslation, and should probably read "chate melons"?
In the book's title, the word "gods" came from a mistranslation of an Arabic word for civic official--a role the authors played.
But now it has emerged there was a mistranslation and three months is the time he must serve before qualifying for prison privileges.
The King James mistranslation oversold the "legitimization" of virgin birth.
Last month, ruling the horse out for the rest of the season, Mikoczy was quoted as saying he "would not take him by any means once more to France after the bad experiences we had there", a sentence he blames on mistranslation.
Sin explained her pen-name, Mynydd Segur, is a mistranslation of Montsgur, a castle not far from where she wrote most of the novel.
of mistranslation and Michelangelo's marble mistake.
its bright red colour not due to some bloody battle, but to the numerous dye-works using Turkey red' this is a mistranslation of the word purpur which the Germans use invariably to mean 'crimson'.