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Goldblatt's translation of the novel is imbued with distinctions in ideology and poetics between Chinese culture and US-American culture and in The Garlic Ballads Goldblatt employed "rewriting" and adopted conversion, omission, and mistranslation to degrees to assist English-language readers to appreciate contemporary Chinese literature and culture.
The mistranslations include "mortal" instead of "immortal", reports the BBC.
However, several crucial pages of action are missing and there are some critical mistranslations, such as using the word immortal at one point when the original says mortal.
At 33 he was its youngest member but "soon felt perplexity before the bold mistranslations confidently proposed and pressed by the ever-strengthening radical/progressive element in our group.
Mistranslations of the German sometimes render the exact opposite meaning of Delp's words.
Mistranslations into English resulted in so many baffling signs that a new word - "Chinglish" - was coined to describe them.
In some cases, passages are used erroneously to vilify gays, while in other cases the attack on homosexuality is the result of mistranslations.
The indigenous interpretations of the survey discussed here are, in this sense, not mistranslations as such, but cross-cultural struggles over the power to assert meaning, a process in which European orientalism had been engaged long before the cartographic description of South Asia.
What is serious, however, is the large amount of her argument which is built on bizarre mistranslations from Old French.
Many English names for Welsh places go back a long way and may have originated in mistranslations of the original Welsh or be due to different sources completely, like Swansea which is a Viking name.
We could read together in a dark city garden, scribbling with language over screens like lips, scribbling the first mistranslations.