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They had previously pleaded guilty to five charges of mistreating four dogs at their home.
Also, the law says that if the spouses fail to agree to separate by mutual consent, those seeking a divorce have to prove that the spouse is cheating or abusing or mistreating him or her.
THE former boss of a Midland care home has been found not guilty of mistreating a mentally ill patient.
Amin Aoude, 25, of 17 Bluegrass Lane, had been charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and mistreating a police dog after a November 2007 incident on Route 9.
SHOPPERS in Nuneaton who may have seen a man mistreating his puppy are being encouraged to speak to police.
The truth is that there's no evidence Kaiser Permanente is any more or less guilty of mistreating homeless people than the city itself.
It seems that for Jesus the real issue around food was not that average people were mistreating their bodies by eating too much or exercising too little.
She has admitted seven counts of mistreating prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.
The Newcastle soldiers are accused of mistreating captured looters at Camp Bread Basket in Basra in May, 2003.
His career as a lawman began in Witchita, Kansas, when he got into a fistfight with hotel owner Doc Black, whom he felt was mistreating a young boy.
Along with codirector Jane Jones, they have done a spectacular job of theatricalizing Irving's novel, a meditation on people's ambiguous feelings about babies--wanting them, not wanting them, having them and mistreating them, not having them and longing for them.
The New York-based organization that campaigns against sweatshops says it conducted a 1997 study showing company contractors in China are mistreating workers.