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The state government, aware of this social menace, has started an awareness programme on various radio and television channels warning people of the legal consequences of mistreating the elderly.
Aoude - assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and mistreating a police dog - were dismissed by District Court Judge Robert Calagione.
Officers are appealing for witnesses after a man was reported to have been mistreating a young Staffordshire bull terrier outside the Horeston Grange shops in Nuneaton on Saturday.
England became the face of the abuse scandal after she was pictured mistreating prisoners
The New York-based organization that campaigns against sweatshops says it conducted a 1997 study showing company contractors in China are mistreating workers.
If a manufacturer acquires a reputation (rightly or wrongly) for mistreating its resellers, it pays a price.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 14 (ANI): National Carrier SpiceJet on Monday strongly condemned the report of the airline mistreating a para-athlete as absolutely baseless.
The male defendant is accused of abusing four medics - Ahmed Omran, Sayed Marhoon, Ghassan Dhaif and Bassim Dhaif - while the woman is accused of mistreating Zahra Al Sammak and Khulood Al Derazi.
Sources told Gulf News that police referred the suspect to the Public Prosecution where he was charged with mistreating the camel and torturing it.
says mistreating or ignoring of varicose veins can result in needless suffering and complications because patients aren't treated until the disease reaches a more debilitating
AN ELDERLY cat lover who shared her home with 40 animals has admitted the house was "ruined" but denied mistreating them.