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He talked about public mistrust and anxieties, based, according to Lord Winston (pictured), on our insecurities fed by the continuing fast change in technology.
* an overall mistrust of the mental health center and a belief that the task force's initiation was self-serving;
To remove this mistrust, he asked for the media's help in painting "a complete picture of the other country and contribute positively to the promotion of understanding and trust between our two countries."
Citing a "deep mistrust" of Foxx's office in a letter dated Monday, the Fraternal Order of Police leaders note that special prosecutors have been appointed to replace Foxx in two recent cases an apparent reference to a judge's order appointing a special prosecutor to reinvestigate the criminal case against "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett and Foxx's decision to recuse herself from the prosecution of activist Jedidiah Brown after officer filed a petition claiming Brown battered them at a demonstration.
For all the hurt it caused to the polio eradication drive, however, it also shone light on the fact that community mistrust continues to be a major problem.
Speaking about the previously prevailing mistrust between the two countries, the foreign minister said: "For far too long, the vicious circle of mistrust, often fed into by our common enemies, has affected our relationship.
'We are ready to enhance communication with the Philippine side on the investigation, increase understanding, dispel mistrust and find out what actually happened,' he added.
It is pertinent to mention here that Maulana Fazlur Rehman has held two meetings in a day with Former president Asif Ali Zardari and the two leaders expressed mistrust on government policies.
Trust in police hits record lowResearch also confirms a general mistrust in the police and their work.
Let us not destroy everything that we have built together by harbouring mistrust and confusion among the various races and religions in our society,' he said at a royal tea reception in conjunction with his 73rd birthday at the Istana Alam Shah here.
According to him, the crisis besetting the global shipping was mainly due to the oversupply of tonnages ordered in the pre-crisis years; the widespread mistrust among banks; and the subsequent withdrawal from the financial letter of credit, where the cargo flow came to an abrupt halt that had an immediate impact on shipping.
MANY people still mistrust the pensions industry, according to a report which found a strong appetite among workers for their money to be saved ethically.