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Meanwhile, seven in 10 respondents did not trust Twitter as their source of news, with eight in 10 older respondents mistrusting it.
Blacks who were more mistrusting, as measured by the cultural mistrust inventory (1981), were more likely to terminate from therapy prematurely (Terrell & Terrell, 1984), had a lower and more negative expectation of their counseling encounters with White counselors (Watkins, Terrell, Miller, & Terrell, 1989; Watkins & Terrell, 1988), and perceive White counselors as a less credible source of help (Poston, Craine, & Atkinson, 1991) than their less mistrusting peers.
On such an imaginary journey, one's companion turns his stylized conversation ever toward social advancement, as much mistrusting as desiring the same; as one listens and responds, one expresses a thorough disdain for pretension and stylistic display (even as one yearns for the courtly rewards such display fleetingly promises).