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Oh, for a very simple reason; if you know what you ought to know, you ought to mistrust everybody.
Where from (we mistrust it's Noo York), an' where baound (we mistrust it's Europe)?
But Psyche, uplifting her finger, Said -- "Sadly this star I mistrust -- Her pallor I strangely mistrust -- Ah, hasten
These three persons look with the greatest mistrust and aversion upon each other; and each has repeatedly taken me apart and assured me, secretly, that he or she only is the real, the genuine, the typical American.
It was my mistrust of you which made me send men after you both through the bush, and, sure enough, they found poor Monty abandoned, left to die while you had hastened off to claim your booty.
For that reason, my dear Penelope, we mistrust Prince Maiyo.
The girl for all her experience was still too innocent, and indeed not yet sufficiently aware of herself as a woman, to mistrust these masked approaches.
The trust that they had reposed in him was trivial, but he felt that it cancelled his mistrust for them, and that probably he would not be "had" over his umbrella.
The years would pass and he would always mistrust her smile, suspect her eyes; he would always misbelieve her voice, he would never have faith in her silence.
Often while walking abroad, when he happened also to come out of himself, he had such moments of dreadful and sane mistrust of mankind.
When I consider your character; when I consider that what has been known to me for hours, has been concealed by you for years; when I consider under what immediate pressure it has been forced from you at last; I come to the conclusion that I cannot but mistrust myself.
So, even while it was his daily declaration that he mistrusted all mankind--and sorely indeed he did mistrust all who bore any resemblance to himself--he was as certain that these two people, surviving him, would be trustworthy in all things from the greatest to the least, as he was that he must surely die.