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could be about what I think it is, I try to cultivate my attention to poems through my mistrust of them.
I will argue for another option, another form of motivated mistrust that is more classical than romantic, in the spirit of Lear's fool.
My attention through mistrust produces a particular mode of interpretation, a mode of description and redescription that never quite settles in a meaning or a frame, a context for understanding.
The remittance of mistrust labels this movement forward and back, an asymmetrical return and a transference of attention between a poem and one's relation to it.
The great modern poet of mistrust is Geoffrey Hill.
Together they characterize Hill's peculiar mistrust of poetry.
The relation between cultural mistrust and psychological health was examined using a sample of 125 African American students.
Several theorists (Grier & Cobbs, 1968; Newhill, 1990; Sue, 1981; White, 1980) have proposed that mistrust of Whites by African Americans, cultural mistrust, is a healthy and adaptive characteristic in that it makes an individual aware of negative elements of the African American experience (e.
While the linear model may accurately explain the relationship between cultural mistrust and psychological health, another model--one that is curvilinear, specifically an "inverted U"--may be a plausible explanation of the relationship as well.
As part of this investigation, the structural validity of the CMI and its possible confound with general distrust was assessed along with that of another measure of cultural mistrust designed for this study.
Seventeen items were written such that agreement with the items would constitute cultural mistrust (e.
To gain an understanding of the interrelatedness of the mistrust measures and the paranoia scale, the correlations of the CMI, SCM-BLACK, SCM-WHITE, and MCMI-PA are presented in Table 3.