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He was a bright-eyed man, but wofully pined away, which was no more than natural, if, as some people affirmed, his ordinary diet was fog, morning mist, and a slice of the densest cloud within his reach, sauced with moonshine, whenever he could get it.
A mist covered both that and the surrounding mountains.
A slight grey mist was falling and the country inland was almost blotted from sight.
He looked now at the Pratzen Heights, now at the sun floating up out of the mist.
All this, I saw in a moment, for I had only a moment to see it in: he swore an oath at me, made a hit at me - it was a round weak blow that missed me and almost knocked himself down, for it made him stumble - and then he ran into the mist, stumbling twice as he went, and I lost him.
In this position we wait events, while the dripping mist hangs thicker than ever all round us.
The pace was suddenly checked, and, with much splashing and floundering, a man's voice called from the mist, "Is that the Dover mail?
The mist now seemed to have become almost a fog, to have closed in upon sea and land.
But all I saw was the deep blue sky above, with one solitary star, and the white mist spreading wide and low beneath.
Anne pleased herself with a hundred fancies as she wandered through the mist.
So I ate the lunch I had brought with me, hoping that it was what I wanted; but it was chilly, made up of sandwiches and pears, and it had to be eaten under a tree at the edge of a field; and it was November, and the mist was thicker than ever and very wet-- the grass was wet with it, the gaunt tree was wet with it, I was wet with it, and the sandwiches were wet with it.
He came up to the window in the mist, as I had seen him often before, but he was solid then, not a ghost, and his eyes were fierce like a man's when angry.