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UNDERSTAND THIS: Joanne Russell, Colin Swann and Jackie Brighouse star in Don't Misunderstand Me
People who make a sacred principle of the laws against border crossing misunderstand the country in which they live.
I'm a good boy, a nice person but people misunderstand me.
When we misunderstand someone or something, we are literally standing under the wrong place.
Snyder argues that the Protestant ethic misunderstands divine grace in two important ways.
A member of the corporate tax department provides correct tax advice to a field engineer (or other employee) who misunderstands the information and incorrectly documents an SR&ED project expenditure.
This may explain errors in fact and interpretation: the author entirely neglects the abolitionist movement of 1878-88 and misunderstands the nature of earlier abolitionism; she suggests most Afro-Brazilians were slaves in 1888; she errs in the character and chronology of successful immigrant wage labor and of paulista industrialization; she often divides the Brazilian population between Afro-Brailian freedmen and white elites; she neglects the apposite historiography of Rio; she misunderstands the origins of Gilberto Freyre's seminal work, the Revolution of 1930, and the stillborn revolutionary attempt of 1935; she calls Machado de Assis one of Brazil's greatest poets; she neglects the seminal racism of Oliveira Viana, etc.