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Ang benefit, benepisyo natin dyan is there will be no miscalculation, misunderstanding.
Defence barrister Felicity Gerry, QC, said: "It was a proper medical examination and this has all been a terrible misunderstanding.
His return is the result of a misunderstanding too.
The misunderstanding keeps on escalating and both Sunny and Anisha get embroiled in it.
Quite why this misunderstanding first took place is difficult to ascertain from the evidence.
They [security chiefs] said it was a misunderstanding from their side.
On the day in question at the club, because of a misunderstanding you ended up punching the victim in the face and breaking his jaw.
Governor of Baghdad's Media director, in a statement today, said: The governor of Baghdad was not subjected to any assassination attempt and what some media have said is untrue, noting that what happened is a misunderstanding between members of the bodyguards for the governor with two school's guards while absorbing rainwater in the Baladiat area ".
I regret that there was misunderstanding on (the) Japanese side," Ban said, adding what he said in Seoul was that political differences and tension "should be resolved through dialogue, by (a) strong will of leaders.
The source told Aswat al-Iraq that a sort of misunderstanding between the two sides resulted in injuring a Turkmen.
It appears that the incident was a misunderstanding.
The reason of this disruption is misunderstanding of goals of the auction," he suggested.