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Silas was as unable to interpret the letters as Dolly, but there was no possibility of misunderstanding the desire to give comfort that made itself heard in her quiet tones.
The happiest husbands and wives have their occasional misunderstandings and disagreements; the brightest married life has its passing clouds.
It was misunderstood for fear, and such misunderstandings made for death.
I am purposely picking my words on the present occasion in order to prevent the possibility of further misunderstandings.
After five years of misunderstandings on the stairs, it pleased an all-wise Providence to relieve us of each other by taking my wife.
They were all together when I talked thus to them; and before I delivered to them the stores I had brought, I asked them, one by one, if they had entirely forgot and buried the first animosities that had been among them, and would shake hands with one another, and engage in a strict friendship and union of interest, that so there might be no more misunderstandings and jealousies.
It was during a misunderstanding conducted with crowbars with a fellow we used to call Hercules.
Not long after his marriage, a misunderstanding took place between himself and Master Hugh; and as a means of punishing his brother, he took me from him to live with himself at St.
I certainly have been misunderstanding you, if you feel in doubt as to the purport of your answer.
Whatever strange misunderstanding there may have been in your household, is your business (if you choose to keep it to yourself), and not ours.
This is only a misunderstanding, like the other, believe me; and with one kind movement, you may give happiness to him, and to me, and to yourself.
Shortly after, a misunderstanding occurred in the conference: some of the Indians, knowing the cannon to be useless, became insolent.