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I remember many called me miser at the time, and I used to couple the reproach with this consolation--better to be misunderstood now than repulsed hereafter.
It follows that the game of chess, in its effects upon mental character, is greatly misunderstood.
exclaimed Louisa, blushing to thc eyes, and trembling like an aspen ; “ you misunderstood me, dear Miss Temple; I—I—it was only a conjecture.
You simply misunderstood him," said the marquis, beginning to rally.
I knew enough of the general situation to see at a glance that she had misunderstood it thoroughly and even amazingly.
And here, lest I may be misunderstood, permit me to digress for one moment merely to observe that the exceedingly brief and simple Latin phrase which I have employed, is invariably mistranslated and misconceived.
been quite misunderstood,' and he had promised this and he had promised that, and the end of it was, I found, that he did not mean to come.
I have entirely misunderstood Lady Susan, and was on the point of leaving the house under a false impression of her conduct.
And her heart yearned toward him--he was so clearly misunderstood, unhappy.
who was mistaken for a mere flaneur by those who misunderstood the Irish character-- and those who had not been examined by him.
But, indeed, to be misunderstood is the shy man's fate on every occasion; and whatever impression he endeavors to create, he is sure to convey its opposite.
I am afraid you must have misunderstood my note, Mr.