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"It was misunderstood. In no moment was it my intention to disobey, or anything like that with the boss," said Arrizabalaga.
Dalton Harris - 15.5% Anthony Russell - 15.4% Shan Ako - 7.9% Misunderstood - 6.8% Scarlett Lee - 6.8% Acacia and Aaliyah - 6.6% Danny Tetley - 6.3% Molly Scott - 5.6% Bella Penfold - 5.3% Giovanni Spano - 4.9% United Vibe - 4.9% Brendan Murray - 4.7% LMA Choir - 4.7% Janice Robinson - 4.6%
But their biggest competition, Misunderstood, stroll up next for their performance, singing a stonking tune about how much they love London girls (written by themselves, of course.)
London-based Stephan, 23, and Jeffrey, 24, who formed Misunderstood after BGT, have also sung and plugged their songs on TV in recent months.
As an (https://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/Directory/Profiles/Patil-Shefali) organizational psychologist , I set out to (http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0001839218783988) study  if police who feel misunderstood also perform worse on the job.
We go beyond being nothing to the negative territory because we want to be like our Savior Jesus, who suffered for us and was misunderstood.
The NSPCC-run service suggested that counsellors are often reporting youngsters telling them that they feel invisible, misunderstood and like those close to them struggle to understand how they feel.
'Secretary Yasay was misunderstood by the Chinese government,' Duterte said during a speech delivered at the turnover of a drug rehabilitation facility in Davao del Norte.
The move to host this edition of the expo at this Kenyan coast was to show tourists across the world that in spite of having been misunderstood when the country took the brunt of insecurity following the Westgate massacre in Nairobi that resulted in travel bans, Kenya is safe - and has always been safe - despite the other issues it faces.
Mr Cameron said an early ground proximity warning system was misunderstood by the crew, either due to language or because of previous false alerts.
Jonathan was the only guy in the area with 'MISUNDERSTOOD' tattooed in big letters across his forehead.