misuse of funds

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The federal government in the last week of February had informed the Supreme Court that FIA was planning to register a case against former ambassador over misuse of funds to fulfil requirement of the Interpol for issuance of a red notice against him.
The board authorised inquiries against NGOs and INGOs for misuse of funds and embezzlement.
While on duty at the MFO, which supervises three brigades and six battalions, Alfonso said the misuse of funds shocked him.
Summary: Hyderabad (Bihar) [India], August 26 (ANI): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday registered ten cases related to the alleged illegal transfer and misuse of funds from government bank accounts in Bihar's districts of Bhagalpur and Saharsa.
He said it is our duty to check progress of different developmental schemes and that misuse of funds would not allowed.
Rashid urged masses to avoid misuse of funds donated by public.
He said the organisation will stamp out corruption, such as the alleged misuse of funds that took place in crisis-hit suicide charity Console.
6% of the EU's budget, any misuse of funds is a sensitive issue prior to the UK's upcoming referendum regarding its membership of the union.
Since launching, the network has been dogged by financial and legal problems that alleged breach of contract and misuse of funds.
While clarifying the purpose of meeting, Azhar Tariq stated that according to directions of Chairman Imran Khan, the Central Finance Committee will visit Lahore tomorrow and then Karachi and will take over all provincial accounts in order to stop misuse of funds and ensure a free and fair intra party election.
Other officials charged with fraud, bribery or misuse of funds include FBF's president and treasurer of Conmebol (South American Football Confederation), Carlos Chavez, as well as FBF's second vice president, Jorge Justiniano, and executive secretary, Alberto Lozada.
Non-Profit Organizations: Real Issues for Public Administrators presents a series of case studies from a variety of actual situations to help readers understand how best to navigate--and avoid--difficult situations faced by non-profit administrators, from misuse of funds to voter fraud to public relations damage.