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The Members' Bill will give loca pow bad bee or con thaI up a review li t h local authorities the power to cancel badges which have been reported lost stolen and confiscate badges that are misused.
Individuals who misused prescription stimulants for weight loss frequently differed from those who did not in terms of their motivation for weight loss.
While admitting that the anti-gay law had been misused in the past, Moily complimented the Delhi High Court for a well-research, well-documented, well-argued judgement of decriminalising homosexuality.
However, certain medications are widely misused and should be listed among the misused narcotics," he said.
The irregularities, which occurred over the course of a year, were discovered in September 2005; the church leader who misused the funds has resigned and is attempting to make restitution, said Andrea Mann, regional mission co-ordinator for Asia, Pacific and the Middle East for the partnerships department of General Synod.
To ensure that this information is not misused, however, disclosures are added to guide the agent in its use.
Bad English isn't just about swearing and slang: it's also to be found in seemingly educated language as well as in uneducated writing: Cambridge University graduate and editor James Cochrane here assembles some of the best faux paus of the English language, providing not only an a-z dictionary of commonly misused words and phrases, but examples of how they are misused and when a better word would be more appropriate.
The guidance provides that "when a financial institution becomes aware of an incident of unauthorized access to sensitive customer information, the institution should conduct a reasonable investigation to promptly determine the likelihood that the information has been or will be misused.
In a rare dramatic exchange between Los Angeles County supervisors, board Chairwoman Gloria Molina said Tuesday she was insulted by a colleague's contention that matricula consular cards can be misused for fraudulent or even terrorist purposes.
Circuit held that the plaintiff had misused a software copyright when it
Under a plain reading of the statute, Congress left the taxation of settlement funds to Treasury's discretion, and the latter had not misused the delegated power.
8), and the odds of obtaining treatment for substance abuse among those who had misused drugs or alcohol were elevated in the six months after delivery (1.