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MISUSER. An unlawful use of a right.
     2. In cases of public officers and corporations, a misuser is sufficient to cause the right to be forfeited. 2 Bl. Com. 153; 5 Pick. R. 163.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To calculate lost wages, we first estimated the number of opioid misusers in Indiana.
Rachel, one of 15 members of staff and former substance misusers helped by the charity taking part, hopes to raise PS1,000 towards the group total of PS4,000.
The general practitioner, the drug misuser, and the alcohol misuser: major differences in general practitioner activity, therapeutic commitment, and 'shared care' proposals.
This article will compare the roles of two different addiction treatment systems, one in Stockholm County, including and surrounding the Swedish capital, and the other in a Northern California county (US), with urban, suburban and some rural areas, in relation to marginalized and socially integrated misusers. It will explore to what extent marginalized and socially integrated persons are found within the treatment systems, what type of services they receive, and what kinds of pressures they receive from the surrounding society to seek treatment.
"We're already seeing second and third generation substance misusers within families.
"This money will provide additional beds and improvements to service quality for some substance misusers with some of the highest levels of need.
Service manager for the project Andi Johnson said: "Drug misusers often get a raw deal and miss out on opportunities because of their problems.
After reading several articles and listening to radio reports on the issue, Greyeyes said the media misled the public by indicating Aboriginal people were the majority of prescription drug misusers.
The court said that a manufacturer has a duty to design a product to eliminate unreasonable risk of foreseeable injury to both intended users and foreseeable misusers. "It is undisputed that injury to children caused by lighter-ignited fires is foreseeable," said the court.
Health care "misusers" have long been identified as hypochondriacs, problem patients, "worried well" patients, and persistent somatizers.
Vocational adjustment patterns of alcohol and drug misusers following treatment.
Whether it is wanting to fine misusers of parent-and-child parking spaces, or being involved in parking disputes themselves, the British public are enduring a parking battleground fraught with raw emotion.