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Not exactly afraid of you, ma'am, but, under the circumstances, just a mite timid.
anuther offar mite not have ever hapned, so as I shud ave bin justly
You don't look a mite like a Ladies' Aider--not but that you're just as good, of course--maybe better," she added in hurried politeness.
O, I am such a mite of a thing, and you are so womanly and handsome.
Indeed, my dear, I will,' replied Rosa, in a tone of affectionate childishness that went straight and true to her heart; 'I will be as good a friend as such a mite of a thing can be to such a noble creature as you.
To escape the vats I would stop at nothing steal the widow's mite, the orphan's crust, and pennies from a dead man's eyes.
The mite with the broken leg was restless, and moaned; but after a while turned his face towards Johnny's bed, to fortify himself with a view of the ark, and fell asleep.
The doctor was quick to understand children, and, taking the horse, the ark, the yellow bird, and the man in the Guards, from Johnny's bed, softly placed them on that of his next neighbour, the mite with the broken leg.
So fond of babes was this little mother that she had always room near her for one more, and often have I seen her in the Gardens, the centre of a dozen mites who gazed awestruck at her while she told them severely how little ladies and gentlemen behave.
They alone moved through the vast and frozen quiet, little mites of earth-men, crawling their score of miles a day, melting the ice that they might have water to drink, camping in the snow at night, their wolf-dogs curled in frost-rimed, hairy bunches, their eight snowshoes stuck on end in the snow beside the sleds.
Do not stop the treatment just because it appears the ear mites have gone - treatment must be continued for two weeks to beat the life cycle of the mite.