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That is, until the Second Department Appellate Division finally settled this issue in 2008 when it held that "well-settled law [in New York] imposes no duty on a residential landlord to mitigate damages.
The report offered several recommendations to help manufacturers better manage and mitigate risks.
Level 2 Practices to mitigate the risk of future obsolete items (majority would be perceived as proactive) are:
Speaking to a group of leading real estate and technology executives at the New York offices of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, Berlen provided an overview of how property owners can assess and mitigate power risk.
Mitigate means "To make or become milder, less severe, less rigorous, or less painful; moderate.
A defense raised by the tenant, Kenneth Cole, was that the landlord failed to mitigate its damages by "deliberately failing to show or offer the premises to prospective replacement tenants.
The supplemental report concluded that the development in the southeast corner of Ventura County can mitigate impacts to concerns such as air, water and schools for the most part to ``less than significant.
In residential practice, however, owners are required to mitigate damages by attempting to re-lease the space.
LAUSD is considering proposals to mitigate the gases and finish construction of the center or sell the property.