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In the letter to the water district, Lile cited city officials' issues with the proposed mitigated negative declaration, including statements that the project is not located on an earthquake fault and that the site has no potential for erosion.
The mitigated negative declaration makes ``no provision for the elimination of (the 4.
Fitch believes that risks associated with FSA's leverage, mezzanine exposures and large single risks are mitigated by the high quality of FSA's insured portfolio.
Adopted an inadequate mitigated negative declaration.
BlastGard International has developed a blast mitigated system that can be employed in new ULDs or can be retrofitted into an existing container.
Fitch believes these two risks are mitigated by capitalized interest through Sept.
Counterparty risk on these contracts is mitigated by the investment-grade status of the fixed-price suppliers.
The receptacle contained and mitigated the blast preventing any deaths or serious injuries.
4 billion transportation bill, The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act -- A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), as well as recent positive appropriations actions, have mitigated this obstacle.
Fitch's concern is mitigated by the historical stability of the system's top commercial and industrial businesses, the top 10 users only account for approximately 30% of revenues and the fact that no municipal utility in Delaware has opted into retail competition.
This risk is mitigated by the members' favorable historical record with cost recovery from the PSCW and that members rates include a purchase power adjustment clause that allows the members to pass changes in power costs without regulatory approval.