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Pros and Cons: Adding "RED" and "Mitigated Severity" Columns
* The most common attacks Verisign mitigated were User Datagram Protocol floods, including Network Time Protocol, Domain Name System and Simple Service Discovery Protocol floods, which collectively accounted for approximately 75% of attacks in Q4 2015.
To minimize the residual stress of the mitigated sites left on the surface of fused silica sample, a variety of linear decreases in power of the C[O.sub.2] laser from 19.7 watt to 8.7 watt with different exposure times were performed following the mitigation.
An offender should not have their sentence mitigated because they deliberately injure themselves during the commission of an offence.
The chapter on concrete application of punishments encompasses twenty-nine articles covering general principles of sentencing, (30) lighter or heavier sentences within an offense's sentencing band, (31) mitigated sentences below an offense's sentencing band, (32) combined punishments for several offenses, (33) suspension of sentence, (34) and sentencing circumstances (liangxing qingjie) such as recidivism, voluntary surrender and meritorious performances, which call for lighter, heavier, or mitigated sentences, or even exemption from criminal liability.
The government can and will simply introduce further outrageous laws and regulations, one after another, each of which will only be minimally mitigated by partial opposition.
By doing this, the need to back up large amounts of data on fixed disk devices is mitigated, thus decreasing the back up window and reducing the amount of storage hardware to allocate and manage.
in a certain situation have mitigated should not always compel the
Militate means to have an effect or influence on, to operate as a force for or against, as in 'His parole record militated in his favor' or 'His lack of polish militated against his advancement.' Mitigate means to soften, to assuage, to make more endurable, as in 'Her reputation for compassion mitigated the vehemence of her criticism.'"
Though the initiative has increased availability of certain items, GAO could not measure the extent to which Performance Based Logistics contracts have mitigated critical spare parts shortages.
Silos do not provide executive management with a forum to know all the major risks and how they are being mitigated collectively to a level of assurance consistent with a company's risk tolerance.
Chapter 2 declares a need to redefine classic from its current use as a value judgment to that of a period (1830-1860), a thematic focus (the individual in opposition to slavery), and a "means to distinguish book-length, sell-authored, antebellum slave narratives from those that precede or follow them." However, this noble purpose is mitigated a bit by the chapter's structure which discusses "The Critics and Douglass's 1845 Narrative," then lumps together Jacobs's Incidents and texts by Brown, Pennington, Bibb, and Craft as "Other Configurations of the 'Classic' Slave Narrative."