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'The mitigating circumstances referred to by the Appeals Court in no way constitute especially mitigating circumstances, and the cruelty which Ranka Tomic showed during the commission of the crime deserves much more severe punishment,' it said.
We would urge them to do so if they believe they have mitigating circumstances. "
"Be that as it may, the presence of mitigating circumstances should be appreciated in favor of Espina, meriting the reduction of the penalty to be imposed on him.
But the court added Kim also had mitigating circumstances. "Other than that involving GKL, he admitted to other charges and showed remorse.
"Mr Sangha believes that he has mitigating circumstances following family bereavement," she wrote.
'This sanction takes into account the fact that Benjamin Tameifuna argued mitigating circumstances, such as his poor command of the French language which prevented him from understanding the demands of the police and led him to panic in front of them,' Racing said in a statement.
You are instructed that this evidence is presented in order for you to determine, as you will be instructed, (1) whether each aggravating factor is proven beyond a reasonable doubt; (2) whether one or more aggravating factors exist beyond a reasonable doubt; (3) whether the aggravating factors found to exist beyond a reasonable doubt are sufficient to justify the imposition of the death penalty; (4) whether mitigating circumstances are proven by the greater weight of the evidence; (5) whether the aggravating factors outweigh the mitigating circumstances; and (6) whether the defendant should be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or death.
But solicitor Sonia Kidd said there were mitigating circumstances. "He might be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following an incident last year.
Currently drivers face running the risk of a PS100 fine - as well as three penalty points - for jumping a red light if there are no special mitigating circumstances.
"They look so disrespectful," he said before adding that there are "mitigating circumstances".
Mitigating circumstances for the sentence were that the owner admitted his guilt in dousing malnourished animals with petrol and setting them alight.