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We cannot, however, fully attribute this increased activity solely to the mitigative efforts, particularly because use of underpasses in the control zone appeared to increase as well (Fig.
Like the OEHSA, a key principle behind the FWRA is the identification of food and water associated health threats and development of mitigative measures to reduce the overall risk to acceptable limits.
Such mitigative effects are persistent and can be observed weeks after environmental enrichment.
In combination, these trends suggest that the media are privileging private sector approaches to climate change (including technological development and voluntary actions) while playing down or negatively framing mitigative policy options.
In this context, knowledge of disaster management strategies, together with recognised good practices and lessons learned, can undoubtedly support this effort through well-informed mitigative measures and preparedness planning.
A number of mitigative measures are taken in conducting the mining operations in line with the EC and strict monitoring by local pollution control agencies guide the industry in containing the pollutants within the prescribed limits.
The required analysis is to include the identification of safety and security risks of the alternative route, a comparison of identified risks with those on the primary transportation route, any remedial or mitigative measures that might be taken on either route and the potential economic effects of using an alternative route.
If one considers a worst-case scenario in which future Amargosa Valley residents possess technology for irrigated agriculture but do not employ any basic public health measures to test water quality for natural and human-generated contaminants and do not use the simple mitigative actions that our current public health practice employs, the maximum doses predicted by the FEIS would be of the same order as average natural background radiation, which generates no statistically detectable health effects.
Essentially, natural features such as floodplains and wetlands would be mapped, impact assessments completed, and mitigative and protective measures identified and implemented through municipal official plans.
Increasingly, moose management plans must ask for local knowledge and advice on appropriate mitigative measures in cases of overabundance.
Nixon, CISSP, looks at the need for risk assessment and mitigative contingency planning in the context of information systems.