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Within three to eight years, operators must complete underground gas storage facility risk assessments, including the baseline integrity assessments and preventative and mitigative measures warranted by the risk assessment.
Defenders of herbal medicine often point out that there may be synergistic (increasing potency or other desirable effects) or mitigative (decreasing toxicity), therapeutic interactions among the constituents of crude drags, and that over time humans have learned by trial and error the circumstances when these crude drags are efficacious (Lewis & Elvin-Lewis, 2003).
Mitigative counterstriking: self-defense and deterrence in cyberspace.
(29) Judge Meale also found that Secure Enterprises' financial interest was "collaterally" within the zone of interest protected by the statute, which mandated insurance discounts for mitigative goods and services, including those provided by Secure Enterprises.
(108) The high-risk category is described as representing "an unacceptable level of risk requiring the inclusion of mitigation measures", while the low-risk category represents "an acceptable level of risk that requires mitigative measures within an acceptable time frame".
Such framing efforts have largely succeeded in muddling public understanding of climate change and slowing adaptive or mitigative actions (Weber and Stern 2011).
14, 2015) (stating that climate change uncertainty "is an impetus to mitigative action"); World Meteorological Org., Climate Scientists Address Urgent Priorities for Research, urgentprioritiesforresearch.html (last visited Feb.
Notwithstanding with an efficacious vaccine and cure for HIV and AIDS still elusive focusing on stringent mitigative strategies such as VCT remains the window of hope in our desperate war against the HIV/AIDS pandemic not only in Malawi but sub-Saharan Africa in general.
Climate change will require adjustments; system justifiers naturally will not enthusiastically adopt mitigative actions."
Evaluation of mitigative measures is critical to determine their effectiveness for conserving connectivity, and it is important to maximize inferential strength of these evaluative types of studies (Roedenbeck et al., 2007; Fahrig and Rytwinski, 2009).
Hayes, Mitigative Counterstriking: Self-Defense and Deterrence in Cyberspace, 25 HARV.
If the goal is to mitigate harm to a targeted system using only the amount of force necessary to protect the system from further damage, it is considered a mitigative counterstrike.