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With the current network hardware available today, DDoS Mitigator can easily mitigate most incoming DDoS attacks with 10 gigabit/sec or 10-100 gigabit/sec network cards.
Further, even if a panel member completely rejects the defense theory on intent, that panel member might still believe that the accused has reduced culpability when compared to a murderer who does not have that impairment, and this perception of reduced culpability is a known mitigator.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval should be considered as a liability mitigator, when evaluating liability risk management plans.
Placed parallel to pipelines in high-voltage AC transmission corridors, the MITIGATOR [TM] is said to provide an easily installed, cost-effective drain for induced AC current being picked up along the pipeline.
Another risk mitigator is the installation of proper firewall and antivirus software on the home computer as the first line of defense to help protect individuals from hackers and predators.
There is no certification for being a loss mitigator.
For this study, cells treated immediately after irradiation with JP4-039 demonstrated significant radioprotection, suggesting a potential role for the drug as a mitigator of radiation damage.
New recognition is emerging of its multiple roles as a climate change mitigator, potential carbon credit earner and fundamental restorer of productivity.
Of total development costs of $799m, $360m will be provided by various World Bank institutions: the International Finance Corporation is providing a $130m loan to the company developing Bujagali, Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL); the International Development Association is providing $115m for the benefit of the project's commercial lenders; and an investment guarantee of up to $115m is to be supplied by the World Bank's political risk mitigator, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.
In the real world, uncertainty exists as to whether mental illness is construed as an aggravator or a mitigator, he said.
This device should be deployed behind an additional layer of protection, such as an attack mitigator or firewall with DoS/DDoS mitigation capabilities.
Baldoli concludes that Grandi continued to see himself as the 11th-hour mitigator between Italy and Europe.