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Males also wrote the greatest percentage of requests containing no mitigators or intensifiers when writing to other males (40.4%).
But the judge could disagree with the jury, about one or more aggravating circumstances found by the jury, or over whether the balancing of aggravators and mitigators favors capital punishment over life imprisonment.
The reviewing court then examines how often death has been imposed in the past where juries have found one aggravator and two mitigators to be present.
Only if aggravators outweigh mitigators is the jury authorized, though not required, to impose death.
For example, prior to the first modification offer mailing, the servicer must undertake these lengthy initiatives: train loss mitigator and call-center staff; improve servicing systems to effectively record and report on modification activity: review applicable servicing contracts; determine compliance issues; develop marketing materials; and develop an income-verification process.
The authors claimed that learners' preference for the politeness marker could have been due to the fact that it has a "double function as illocutionary force indicator and transparent mitigator" (Faerch and Kasper 1989: 232).
There's a lump-sum bonus tied to a borrower making three payments and another bonus based on cash in the door, and the percentages of loans in the loss mitigator's work queue making full payments and discounted payments.
Notice, however, that in the first two cases SW combine the deontics with the passive voice, which serves as mitigator. Swales (1990: 137) features the results and discussion sections of research papers as "having variable proportions of passive structures", in contrast to introductions.
The previous figure illustrates that from all the utterances produced by both groups of students, those from a higher level of proficiency (University students) obtained a 92.08% in contrast to Secondary School students whose percentage of mitigators amounted to only a 7.92%.
Last year, for example, Washington Mutual halved the number of accounts it assigns per collector to 100, and inserted a team of loss mitigators in its collection department to expedite opportunities flagged by its workout-resolution program.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 25, 2019 --( The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Dubai Overseas Center), in association with Dubai Vigilance Group hosted a seminar entitled "Financial Crime Meets the Corporate World: Companies as Targets, Facilitators and Mitigators."