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First, you don't know if the company is recommended or certified by the state as an approved Haz-Mat mitigator.
In Florida, many judges simply say that "the aggravators outweigh the mitigators and that no reasonable person could differ," thereby satisfying the Tedder standard.
Risk Mitigators fairly evenly comprised millennials, Gen Xers, baby boomers, and women and men.
Males also wrote the greatest percentage of requests containing no mitigators or intensifiers when writing to other males (40.
The simplistic objective of counterfeit mitigators is to keep close pace with the highly sophisticated counterfeiters of today.
international law as a potential mitigator of political risk.
With regards to the production of specific types of request modifiers we found that there were some statistically significant differences between our groups' use of two types of mitigators (disarmers and promise of rewards) within the category of external modifiers, partially confirming our last hypothesis.
The author analysed the degree of directness, mitigation and forms of address, reporting that students' e-mails presented a high frequency of direct strategies, an absence of lexical mitigators and inappropriate forms of address.
Wingspan, in turn, uses third-party loss mitigators like Santa Barbara, California-based Equi-Trax Asset Solutions LP to determine property values and occupancy, visit borrowers and deliver documents.
However, many defense counsel focus on the freestanding mitigating factors without connecting those mitigators to the commission of the crime.
They were not, so to speak, Gulag deniers but Gulag mitigators.
Gitta's Real Estate Team" is made up of 12 specialists, including buyer agents, 3 loss mitigators, a contract and closing manager, an office manager, marketing manager and an internet marketing team.