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Contrary to popular belief, highly successful entrepreneurs are not risk seekers, they are risk mitigators par excellence.
Instead, the struggles against counterfeits are growing worse, with an alarming gap between counterfeiters and their pursuers, the counterfeit mitigators.
Studies reviewed showed that patients are effective mitigators of near-miss events and should be more actively involved in the process.
Wingspan, in turn, uses third-party loss mitigators like Santa Barbara, California-based Equi-Trax Asset Solutions LP to determine property values and occupancy, visit borrowers and deliver documents.
Further, even if a panel member completely rejects the defense theory on intent, that panel member might still believe that the accused has reduced culpability when compared to a murderer who does not have that impairment, and this perception of reduced culpability is a known mitigator.
First responders throughout the Nation stand now, as they have throughout our history, as the on-scene mitigators of crises in our communities.
According to Top Layer Networks, Attack Mitigators are being kept at a number of strategic locations around the City of London and southeast England and will be ready for the rapid installation into customer sites and co-location centres.
They have overread Ring as reserving for juries the finding and weighing of mitigators, even though Ring's rationale is limited to the initial aggravator that raises the maximum to death.
Otherwise, we will never know which aggravators and mitigators the jury found.
The regressivity mitigators suggested above would, however, be difficult to implement and administratively costly.
The portfolio resolution consultants (PRCs) are the loss mitigators, responsible for negotiating the loan resolution strategy on each loan.