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RESPIRATION, Med. jur. Breathing, which consists of the drawing into, inhaling, or more technically, inspiring, atmospheric air into the lungs, and then: forcing out, expelling, or technically expiring, from the lungs the air therein. Chit. Med. Jur. 92 and 416, note n.

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Zn2+ inhibits alpha-ketoglutarate-stimulated mitochondrial respiration and the isolated alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex.
Exercise and ovarian steroid hormones: their effects on mitochondrial respiration.
We've discovered a way to map the metabolic phenotype of any cell, regardless of its energy and metabolic status, by integrating our real-time measures of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis into a single powerful test," stated David Ferrick, Ph.
Selective inhibition of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in human leukaemic leucocytes by methylglyoxal.
In fact, rotenone (CASRN 83-79-4) and papaverine (CASRN 61-25-6), two known inhibitors of mitochondrial respiration, and the uncoupler dinitrophenol (CASRN 51-28-5)--and a few of its derivatives--fall into this category.
Alterations in renal mitochondrial respiration in response to the reactive oxoaldehyde methylglyoxal.
There is a requirement in the University of Glasgow~s new Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Building for metabolomics assays platform, which can simultaneously measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in a 96 well format.
The basis of the discussion was cited to animal studies, which had established a non-physiological environment that was causal for increased ROS production, inhibition of mitochondrial respiration and oxidative DNA damage.
These tests confirmed that Revitalin PF, with its energizing actives produced by fermentation baker's yeast, boosts the two fundamental bioenergetic processes: glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration.
Sport and other scientists from Europe, North America, and Australia discuss selected supplements meant to influence lactate accumulation, blood flow, oxygen consumption, and mitochondrial respiration, and growth hormone response; probiotics, immunoglukan, bovine colostrum, fruit and vegetable concentrates, cherry juice, and milk consumption plus resistance training for gut health, immune function, antioxidant potential, pain relief, and women's body composition and skeletal health; hydration, hyperhydration, and fluid balance/loading through glycerol use, salt and fluid loading, and milk protein consumption; chocolate milk and L-carnitine for exercise recovery; and over-the-counter supplements and inadvertent doping.
The following topics are addressed in the sections: Section 1 is "Selected off-mainstream sport supplements" including chapters about supplements claimed to influence lactate accumulation, blood flow, oxygen consumption and mitochondrial respiration, and growth hormone response.
One suggested mechanism for the inhibition of seed germination is the disruption of 'dark' or mitochondrial respiration.

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