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Focus of atypical epithelioid cells with occasional mitotic figures (arrow) (H&E, x200).
Numerous mitotic figures were identified including abnormal figures and necrotic tumour debris.
Cellular pleomorphism, mitotic figures, and necrosis are absent.
4) This may be due to the fact that mitotic figures reflect a very small time window in the cell cycle (the M phase), whereas other markers such as MIB1/Ki-67 stain cells in nearly all phases of the cell cycle.
Neither cellular atypia, nor mitotic figures were seen.
Chemotherapy-induced localized epidermal reactions have a characteristic histologic appearance involving a markedly attenuated epidermis with abnormal keratinocyte maturation and atypical mitotic figures in the keratinocytes, or atypical nuclei associated with a cell-poor interface dermatitis with keratinocyte necrosis.
Biopsies taken from an area within weeks or months of topical podophyllin treatment will have mitotic figures that can mislead pathologists to report vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) III, he said at an ob.
Histology of the excised specimen identified proliferating ductules within a myxoid stroma, with spindle- to oval-shaped myoepithelial cells and no mitotic figures (figure 2).
Neoplastic cells had rare mitotic figures, small amounts of cytoplasm, and an irregularly round nucleus with a prominent nucleolus.
2) with 4 mitotic figures per 10 high-power fields and no necrosis.
In this case, we observed only ischemic necrosis surrounded by palisading histiocytes; we did not observe atypia in the viable cells at the periphery, and mitotic figures were not identified.
Consequently, pathologists need to be able to recognize mitotic figures so they can determine the MI of a tumor.